Qi-Gong with Yair.(Monthly Payment)



Join Yair for weekly Qi Gong classes.

Qigong has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a practice based on gentle movements, meditation and breathing. It has wide-ranging benefits including lowering blood pressure and easing depression. It is suitable for all ages and levels.

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QI-GONG: Regain the lost balance of body, mind and spirit with the gentle flow of qi-gong

  • A 4,000 year old practice that integrates physical movement with the breath to promote health and spiritual connectedness
  • Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine
  • Gentle flowing movements suitable for all levels of fitness and health
  • Monday and Saturday 9am to 10am CET
  • Online via zoom or in-person (Andalusia, Spain)
  • 8 Euros per class (or 8 class pack for 56 Euros)

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