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Infinite Being Academy is a holistic wellness platform. We share the profound teachings of energy reading, to help you transform your life. Infinite Being Academy was founded by Yair Sagy.

Yair Sagy

Yair’s journey began in his mid-twenties. A powerful inner voice drove him to leave his native Israel. He went first to India. Without knowing why, he was blessed to find himself in the ashram of Ramana Maharshi in Tiruvannamalai. Ever since that time, Yair has felt the energy of Sri Ramana guiding and supporting his life.

After that he travelled to California.  There he delved into the wonders of traditional Chinese medicine.  He qualified as an acupuncturist and met his lovely wife Ziza.

In China, he deepened and enriched his healing practice by studying and practicing directly with the masters of Chinese medicine.

But, the floodgates of healing really opened for Yair when he came across a book: Anatomy of the Spirit, by medical intuitive Caroline Myss.  Anatomy of the Spirit was to change the course of Yair’s healing work.

Overnight, the magic of energy reading became clear to him. He realised he could see, read and interpret the energy of everything around him. Simply, he had never tried before! It was immediately clear to him that the diagnostic and therapeutic benefits of energy reading are immense.

Energy reading can be applied as a stand-alone diagnostic and healing tool. It can also offer immense benefits when applied with any other healing technique. In other words, all healing processes go deeper with the support of energy reading. This includes traditional western medicine and alternative healing practices. Energy reading supports everything. It lends increased focus and power to whatever it is used alongside.

Since then it has been the goal of the Infinite Being Academy to spread the word about energy reading far and wide. To spread this vital knowledge: that we all hold within us the power to heal ourselves and in so doing, to heal the world.

Yair has over 40 years experience working in alternative healing practices.  During that time, he has very clearly seen that these ancient wisdoms can be successfully applied to our most pervasive modern ailments. Digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety and the compromised immune system that is making our mind-body unnaturally vulnerable to virus. All of this, and so much more, can be addressed with energy reading.

Yair and Ziza have been offering treatments and running courses internationally since 2004. They have worked in Spain, Israel, Greece, Belgium, Moscow, Paris, London and many other locations worldwide.

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