Next Course Dates


Wednesday September 8
10.00 AM

This course is open to participants who have completed the Foundation level.
It’s an online interactive, practical and ‘experiential’ course.
The overall aim is to build on the teachings from the foundation level and begin the process of diagnosing and treating energy imbalances.
The essence of the work is BEING, learning to be a mirror and applying it in a therapeutic way, to ourselves and to others.

About the Course

This online Advanced Energy Reading Course will build on the teachings of the foundation level; allowing you to practise at a deeper level. The main focus will be to learn how to diagnose energy imbalances in clients, to support clients in recognising energy imbalances and possible causes.

Working with fellow students, you will practise working with energy imbalances and then develop techniques to restore balance. Energy reading is a valuable tool in any clinical application, to diagnosing imbalance and constructing a treatment plan.

Course Outcomes
At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Have increased confidence in learning the clinical applications of energy reading.
  • Understand how to diagnose energy imbalances
  • Support others/clients in recognising energy imbalances and possible causes
  • Learn treatment techniques to restore balance
  • Begin to develop a methodical approach to working with clients 
  • Continue to grow and develop in your own unique and intuitive way of working with energy.

Course Agenda:

8 weekly sessions cover the following:

  • Continue to develop your ability to see and feel energy.
  • Learn how to make a diagnosis and begin to recognise energy imbalances
  • Identify ways to work with different energy imbalances (meridians, chakras and the aura)
  • Practise and learn techniques to support and lead others/clients in recognising energy imbalances and their causes
  • Develop and practise treatment techniques to restore balance.
  • Understand and begin to practise a methodological approach on how to work practically with clients.
  • Gain deeper learning in the clinical applications of energy reading.

Booking Conditions

The full payment of €280 is required to secure your place, this a non-refundable once the course commences.
Full payment is required 1 week before the course begins.

Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel less than 1 week before the course begins regretfully, we are unable to refund any amount and you will have to pay in full.

This includes:

The 8 x Weekly 90 min Sessions (for session content see Course Agenda above)

Whatsapp Communication Group participation

Practical weekly mini-assignments; which are set to practise and reinforce learning


  • The sessions are taught in a relaxed, fun and dynamic way with a lot of awareness to the group’s energy, which constantly changes… like life itself.
  • This course is also delivered in a practical, experiential and interactive format.
  • All sessions are facilitated via Zoom at a set weekly time and Zoom code details will be provided.
  • It’s recommended for, at least, 15 mins before each session, you prepare your space and ‘state of being’ (allowing you to prepare mentally and in mind-body) deep breathing and relaxing to calm your system.
  • Because the sessions are practical, you will be working with fellow students.
  • Incorporated within the sessions are meditation, guided visualization, nature observation, breathing techniques, Qi Gong and creative dance.
  • There will be experiential ‘mini assignments’ set in between sessions, to continue the learning and integrate the theory into practice.

For participants who are in clinical practice or those who wish to integrate Energy Reading into their current practice, please Click Here for details of accreditation/certification of our courses.

Please go to our Zoom Clinic (click here) to find out more details on how to undertake the required accreditation and undertake the ‘live’ supervised Client Case Studies.

A Certificate will be issued once the accreditation criteria has been met (if a student wishes to be accredited at foundation level).
Yair Sagy will confirm and sign off student competence.

There are 2 types of Certificates at foundation level:
1. A FREE emailed version

2. A signed hard copy Certificate which will be sent by post to students who have achieved accreditation – this has an additional fee of 5€