IBA Scholarships

Welcome to the Infinite Being Academy Scholarship Programme.

Infinite Being Academy has always been committed to offering financial assistance where it is most needed. We never want cost to be an obstacle to personal growth. If you would like to join one of our courses but you can’t afford it, we encourage you to apply using the form below.

We currently have two options for those on limited income.

The Arunachala Scholarship

Firstly, a scholarship offering the course at one-third of the price, meaning the student will pay only 33% of the advertised price. This scholarship is available with any of our live courses.

Our goal is to offer scholarships up to a value of 10.000 € for the upcoming academic year.

We’re able to offer scholarships up to a value of 10.000€ for the upcoming academic year.

Karma Skills Exchange

Secondly, for those who have skills to offer in exchange, we are able to cover 100% of the full course price.

The skills we’re looking for at the moment are: translation (English to Spanish), social media content creator and manager, professional photography, SEO specialist or graphic designer. Still, if you have any other skills that you think we could find interesting, please get in touch.

Our goal is simple: growing together

To apply for the Arunachala Scholarship or the Karma Skills Exchange please fill the form below.

Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis and this will not in any way affect your acceptance onto the course.

Please note, before making your application: If you receive an IBA scholarship, as standard you will have 7 days to pay the agreed deposit and claim the scholarship before it would become available to another student. We want to make sure the scholarships go to those who will value and benefit from them the most.

Please complete the form below to apply: