Energy Coaching for Corporate Leaders – Split Payment



Learn to become a positive relational energiser and maximize your leadership potential.

A unique and LIVE online course with Yair Sagy, the Founder of Infinite Being Academy.

The Infinite Being Academy’s ground breaking energy coaching programme has been honed by Yair Sagy over forty years of dedicated practice. This is the rare opportunity to learn a profound energy practice directly from its founder.

This course will show you how to use energy to get the best from yourself and the best from your team to take your career to the next level.

DATE: from: 6 October 2022 to: 8 December 2022

TIME: 9:00 to 10:30 am (CET)

FORMAT: 10 weekly 90 minutes live group zoom sessions


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Energy Coaching for Corporate Leaders

by Yair Sagy, only at Infinite Being Academy

  • 10 weeks online live course: one live group zoom sessions per week (90 minutes each class)
  • Sessions recorded to deepen your learning
  • Full written evaluation of your weekly coursework
  • Accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)





Class 1

An introduction to what we mean when we say Energy and Energy Reading.
Colours and Sounds: Experiential meditative exercises that will very clearly demonstrate how energy is profoundly affecting you all the time, without you even realising it.
Connecting to the Heart. Yes, the mind is important. But do you want to learn to connect directly to the source of all there is? Do you want to plug in to the real power? Of course you do.
No doubts, be certain. A key aspect of this course is teaching you to trust in what you already know but don’t yet know that you know.

Class 2

The Process of Feeling breaks down exactly what is happening when we experience ‘feeling’. You will see what the mind is actually doing when it is ‘feeling’. First I create myself then I create you. The Nature of Reality. It’s not what you think.
▸ Start to become familiar with ‘The Idle Place’ from whence all is created. Notes on the matrix!
A taster of qi gong and dance to deepen your experiential awareness of the energy that is everywhere and all around.

Class 3

▸ How to See Energy. This week Yair will introduce you to the Power of Visualisation. Now you will be starting to operate on another level.
▸ Learn about the different versions of you, each more powerful than the last: Human, Auric, Galactic, Infinite. Learn to move between these different states at will.
▸ Deepen your meditation practice: Breathing in the light.

Class 4

▸ Learn about the Anatomy of the Energy body: the Indian seven Chakra system, the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Aura and the Infinite.
▸ Now we go more in depth with the Root or Muladhara Chakra, how it affects your body, how it affects your life.

Class 5

▸ This week we’re going to be focusing in depth on the seven Chakra system. Learn what causes blockages in each of these chakras, what the blockages could mean and how to ease or release the blockages, in yourself and also in others.
▸ The Second or Svadhistana Chakra and…
▸ The Third or Manipura Chakra of the Solar Plexus.

Class 6

▸ Anahata – The Fourth Chakra of the Heart.
▸ Vishuddha – The Fifth Chakra of the Throat.
Class 7
▸ Ajna – The Sixth Chakra of the Third Eye.
▸ Sahasrara – The Seventh Chakra of the Crown.
▸ Learn more about the Aura, the subtle energy body that every being has. Realise that you too can connect with Aura, you too can read and interpret Aura. Despite what you may currently be believing, this is not something for the few, almost everyone can do it, simply you probably haven’t tried yet. Yair will show you how.
Class 8
▸ A brief introduction to the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
▸ Learn about the interaction between Mind Body and the origin of imbalance that can lead to all sorts of issues.
The Four Ways of Seeing Energy.
Going Back in Time. Did you know you can travel back in time? That’s what you’re going to learn this week. Prepare to be blown away.

Class 9

▸ Learn about the exchange of energy between people. How the energy between two or more people flows and interacts and how you have the power to influence this to create better relationships and better outcomes.
The energy of food. Learn to identify which foods are bad for you and which are beneficial based solely on the inner knowing that you already possess.

Class 10

▸ People who Died and the Soul’s Journey.
▸ The Universal Matrix

By the end of this course you will be able to:


  • See and intimately experience the energy that you are, the energy that is everyone and everything.
  • Understand the anatomy of the human energy system and how to implement that knowledge at work – and at home – to unlock your highest potential.
  • Release energy blocks in yourself, in your team, in your clients and in your boss, to maximise productivity and performance.
  • Influence your team to feel motivated, inspired and energised like never before.
  • Correct imbalances in yourself and those around you to power your team effortlessly towards their targets and goals.
  • Connect easily to your own unique and intuitive ways of working with energy.
  • Feel joy, spread love, make money!