Each student must ensure that each Energy Reading Practise Treatment Session follows Yair’s recommended treatment procedure.

Use the TEMPLATE: Practise Treatment Energy Reading Form, which includes:


1. Initial Client Fact Finding:

  • Age, Gender, Occupation, Marital Status
  • Main complaint or reason for seeking treatment

2. Identify Energy Imbalance:

  • Record (energy reading) first impression imbalances(trust first impression)
  • Secondary impression: chakras, aura, meridians or other imbalances
  • Identify ideas/assumptions for possible causes of the imbalances 
  • Possible Treatment Plan

3. Lead the client to connect

4. Treatment

  • Restore balance and harmony
  • Apply possible treatment techniques:
    – awareness of imbalance
    – breathing
    – love
    – going back in time (timeline and breathing technique)
    – connect to infinity
    … and use other techniques, as appropriate or incorporate integrated clinical practise


5. Conclusion: wrapping up the session 

  • Make a short summary of session highlights and ensure the client is aware and empowered to continue working on self at home/out of sessions
  • Complete/write up the practise Treatment Energy Reading TEMPLATE (found in Advanced Resources).
  • Summary and Evaluation time with Yair