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Workshop content:

In this workshop we will explore the meridian system from an informative, physical and spiritual approach. It is a unique opportunity to interact with this ancient wisdom from an intuitive and meditative approach.

  1. Introduction to the meridian system – Yair 
  2. Spirituality and the meridians – Oliver 
  3. Meridian Yoga – Lelli
  4. Meridian meditation – Oliver
  5. Meridian massage – Yair 
  6. Sharing 
  7. Closure of  gratitude


Theory and meridian massage with Yair


In traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are channels that form a network in the body, through which qi (vital energy) flows. The flow of qi is restored by using pressure, needles, suction, or heat along the meridians

This workshop will allow you to experience  how the meridian qi is responding when doing specific Yoga poses, applying massage or connecting via meditation.

Meridian yin yoga with Lelly


Yin Yoga has its roots in Daoism & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  & complements the more Yang activities such as martial arts & our modern day lifestyles which are very Yang & very mind orientated. 


Yin Yoga  uses long held, muscularly passive poses, mainly sitting or lying down. These long holds generate acupressure that has time to travel into the deeper, slow growing connective tissues, bones, organs & meridians. I like to call it MeridianYin yoga because of its wonderful effect on meridian energy flow, mostly it is called Yin Yoga. The physical benefits of rehydrating fascia & joints, balancing the flow of energy in meridians & organs are a great way to counter the effects of strong physical activity, stress &  ageing, In terms of the subtle body it develops our interoception or inner awareness, which in turn allows us to participate more consciously in the flow of energy (Qi ) between the individual & the infinite, the physical body & the subtle body.

Spiritual connection with Oliver

Guided Meditation 1

Oliver will guide you through your Higher Consciousness to sensitize your spiritual awareness of the meridians. Through the energy flow between heaven, human and earth. And the connection between the human being and infinite being.

Guided Meditation 2

In this guided meditation, we will explore the deep relationship of our meridians to the universe.

About the teachers

Yair Sagy

Lives in Lanjaron, Southern Spain. 

Yair is passionate in sharing spiritual knowledge and its healing applications.

He is a trained Acupuncturist, Yoga teacher and Shiatsu therapist and is the founder of Infinite Being Academy which is dedicated for the teaching of Energy Reading and spiritual awareness.

Lelly Aldworth

Has studied & taught both Hatha flow & Yin Yoga for over 20 years, She studied Yin yoga & TCM with renowned teachers Sarah Powers & Jo Phee . Her own experience of yoga is that it is  a way to stay grounded in a challenging & complex world , to decompress physically , mentally & emotionally , to return home to the intelligence held within our very cells that opens the doorway to something greater, something luminous that joins everything together.

Oliver Haitzmann

Oliver has been trained and has practiced systemic constellations for some 20 years for families, organizations and individuals to facilitate to gain insight into their deeply rooted interdependencies and entanglements. In his former profession as consultant for land registration  in mainly international projects, he made experience with intercultural and interfaith situations, which led him to further training in mediation and intercultural facilitation. 

Recently Oliver combines systemic constellation and energy reading to apply intuitive awareness of energy flow and their blockages of individuals with the dynamics in group or interrelated “systems”.