Energy Reading for Acupuncturists
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22 March to 7 June 2022:
Tuesdays from 18.00h to 19.30h (CET)

‘Whatever you are doing you can apply energy reading to it to gain deeper understanding and better results. As a therapist or clinician. As a parent – of course. As a teacher. With animals. In business. Literally anything.’ –Yair Sagy

About the Course | Energy Reading for Acupuncturists

The Infinite Being Academy Energy Coaching courses teach therapists and those interested in self-healing, about the structures of the energy body, how to apply the energy reading techniques to yourself and to others, for the benefit of all. 

The journey begins at Foundation level. This is the first, exciting step on your energy reading path.
Our foundation level Energy Coaching course is open to anyone interested in energy reading.
We will teach you to see and feel the energy that is alive within and all around you.

You will learn all about energy reading and its remarkable healing techniques. Equip yourself with a toolbox of knowledge and understanding, tips and techniques to add to your existing skills.

You will be astounded at how easy and profoundly effective energy reading really is.

Our aim is to introduce energy reading in an enjoyable, accessible and experiential way.

You will discover and develop your own personal energy reading abilities.

You will learn alongside like-minded people. As a member of Infinite Being Academy’s beautiful community, you will receive the full benefit of our communities’ experience and support.

This fully accredited course is also hugely beneficial for anyone already practicing in the therapeutic or healing professions. It is a powerful diagnostic and therapeutic tool to add to your existing practice. Infinite Being Academy is fully accredited by IPHM International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

Deepen your learning. Re-visit your classes on your own schedule with the class recordings.

Improve your health. Improve your wellbeing. Improve your relationships. It all begins here.

Transform yourself | Step into your personal power

Our online Energy Coaching Foundation Level Course will teach you to be in direct and dynamic contact with your own energy field and the energy fields of others.

We will guide you to recognise and transform the blocks that are currently holding you back. Once these blocks are seen and transcended, you will step into your own personal power – fully connected to self, fully connected to everything.

You will be able to observe immediate changes in the energetic states of chakras, aura and meridians. Energy reading is your portal to an incredible power that already exists within and all around you.

For those already working with clients in a therapeutic practice, energy reading is an invaluable tool to diagnose imbalance and build a treatment plan to support healing. No more guesswork. Immediate and powerful results!

At the end of the course you will be able to

• See and intimately experience your own energy field.

• See and experience the energy fields of others. People you know, people you meet, animals, plants, mountains, objects: everything!

• See the constant flow of energy all around you – the energy exchange that is happening between people, objects, nature, heaven and earth.

• Work with and understand the anatomy of the human energy system: chakras, aura, meridians

• See how the mind-body interaction contributes to energetic imbalance, leading to dis-ease, both physical and mental

• Identify and release energy blocks in yourself and – if applicable – in your clients

• Correct imbalances and move confidently towards health and harmony

• Connect easily to your own unique and intuitive ways of working with energy

Hear from our students

‘Dearest Yair, Thank you so much for all your efforts and teachings on the foundation level course. I came to this class in the beginning with excitement and a keen sense to learn more as an individual. I have come away from the end of the course with excitement, a calm loving energy and a realization that I am ‘nothing’ (no-thing) but infinite consciousness. It is beautiful, and I send all my love to you for your help and guidance in opening this wonderful gift to my heart. With much love.’
Lizzie, United Kingdom

‘Online learning with Yair is a great experience. It opens up the world to me to connect with people all over the world. And work together! The course met my expectations and so much more!’
Angelique, The Netherlands

‘Thank you very much for everything I learned during this course. I am so happy. I experienced that I feel much more than I ever realised and I can trust my intuition. Being infinite is absolutely wonderful and is completely new for me. Thank you for my aura. I wish you and your beautiful Infinite Being Academy all the very best.’
Erica, The Netherlands

For anyone wishing to use energy reading to augment their existing therapeutic or clinical practices:

Energy reading is a revolutionary way of connecting, diagnosing and treating imbalance. It allows the practitioner to be in direct and live contact with their client.

Any change in the client – emotional, mental or physical – is always and immediately registered in their energy field. Being able to observe these changes facilitates a deeper and more dynamic connection with the client.

Energy reading empowers the client to take self-responsibility. We focus on treatment and education at the same time. We are facilitating the client to support their own healing and growth within the treatment context.

‘Whatever you are doing you can apply energy reading to it to gain deeper understanding and better results. As a therapist or clinician. As a parent – of course. As a teacher. With animals. In business. Literally anything.’

Since the Mind Body is one system, it is not enough to focus on the body. Even with accurate diagnosis and treatment, the client remains passive and is not taking responsibility for their own healing. Energy reading addresses the entire energetic system allowing the client to support themselves.

Energy reading works closely with the client to uncover their emotional and psychological patterning – patterning which contributes significantly to their state of dis-ease.

For example, a client dealing with psychological tendencies of self-rejection will likely experience blockages in the solar plexus area. This may lead to digestive symptoms. Once this connection is recognized a shift occurs, both in their relationship with themselves and in their life experiences on a physical and emotional level. Frozen shoulder is another example. When observing the client’s energy, you will see blockage in the heart centre, and a restriction in the ability to freely give and receive love. The ideal treatment plan would therefore combine opening the blocked meridians and supporting the client to open their heart.

Crucially, in order to recognise what is happening within your client’s energy system, you will first need to recognize what is happening within your own energy system. The first step is the Foundation level energy reading course.

Energy Reading: The way for inner growth of client and practitioner.