Energy Coaching Break

DATES: June 23rd-27th

Learn, enjoy, relax…

Discover our energy coaching Summer break retreat.

Combining in-depth, hands-on energy reading practices with fun and rejuvenating time in nature.

Set in an idyllic setting, we offer a one-time opportunity to learn energy coaching techniques hands-on from Yair coupled with an opportunity to enjoy fun and relaxing activities in our sunny Spanish facilities.

We have the perfect place to offer healing and relaxation in a nuturing environment for mind, body and spirit.

Ziza and Yair, your hosts

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Tailor-made Learning Experience

Reconnect with your deepest energy,
de-stress and find new ways of learning.

Theoretical and practical subjects to cover:

  • Diagnosis and treatment via touch.
  • Working with couples (How to apply Energy reading in couple therapy)
  • Energy reading in fun games.
  • The magic doll and other ways to affect the energy from distance.
  • Energy reading in nature.
  • Live energy coaching sessions.
  • Demonstrations and supervised practice.

Fun time to enjoy:

Relaxing by the pool.

Biodanza – the dance of life.

Mountain walk & Picnic in nature

Daily Yoga and Qi Gong

Big Yurt:

Self-contained, furnished and part-equipped with all modern facilities, enjoy a different energy from a new living space.

Maximum capacity: 4

Small Yurt:

Yurts have a different energy from more conventional living spaces, as their rounded shape creates a sense of spaciousness and tranquillity. At night, you can gaze up at the stars and during the day natural light fills the yurts.

Maximum capacity: 2

Casa Iris:

Nestled in the heart of Armonia Alpujarra, Casa Iris is surrounded by ancient olive trees, almond groves, wild nature, and enjoys spectacular views, of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in every direction.

No. of Bedrooms: 2
Maximum capacity: 4


Guest Reviews

“Back home, people stopped me in the street to comment on my facial glow, my improved posture my happy disposition and, my weight loss (three meals a day and no snacks; the weight loss was a bonus). Thank you Yair and Ziza lots of love to you both.”

Alathea Kirk – April 2019

It has carried me through a crazy day at work and has given a whole new toolkit of connecting with the world and getting out of my head. Your love and generosity flows through everything you have created at Armonia Alpujarra.

Lallie – July 2019

I would have happily stayed for another week (if only!) and I know I will go back. I cannot thank Yair and Ziza enough for helping to restore my inner peace and enabling me to get a better perspective on what is important in life. For me, Armonia Alpajurra was a rare, life affirming experience.

Mahiri – Dublin




Useful Information

Who is it for?

This special retreat is aimed at all Infinite Being Academy students and graduates as well for those who are attracted to the subject.

What’s included?

  • Accommodation, 5 days and 4 nights
  • Tuition with Yair: 8h+ of classes
  • All the activities listed in the program
  • Full board (healthy home-made, local grown, vegetarian menu, with 3 meals per day)

What’s optional?

  • Transport from the airport
  • Private therapy sessions

      How big will the group be?

      We estimate to be up to 7 students. In case there’s more people interested we’ll try to figure something out.

      Cancellation Policy

      Full refunds will be given if you cancel your reservation up to 30 days before the start of the
      retreat. 50% refund will be given if you cancel your reservation up to 15 days before the start
      of the retreat.

      The deposit will not be returned if you cancel.

      If we need to cancel the retreat due to COVID lockdowns or any related issues full refunds will
      be issued.

      Can I check the schedule?

      Absolutely! We have the full programme ready. We’ll be having morning meditations and daily Yoga, breakfast at 10h, classes in the morning, lunch at 14h, some time for relaxing and siesta, activities in the evening such as biodanza or mountain walks and dinner at 19.30h.

      You can check the full program in the link below:

      Terms and Conditions

      We’re making our best to be as trasparent as we can possibly be, our booking conditions are simple and reasonable. Please read them carefully before your booking: