Energy Coaching | Your journey has already begun

Energy Coaching For Professionals
Live Online Course

Your journey to ultimate clarity and wellbeing starts here. Join us. We will share the magic with you. These simple processes will guide you to see and feel the energy that is alive, within and all around you. You won’t believe how easy it is.

Energy Mastering For Professionals
Live Online Course

We peel away the layers to reveal the truth hiding in plain sight. Both ordinary and magnificent. Our introductory level taught you to see the energy. In this, the advanced level, you will learn how to interpret and understand what you see.

Clinical Practice Energy Coaching
Live Online Course

For anyone wishing to take energy reading into their clinical practice, either now or in the future. What you learn here will fortify and enrich both traditional western medical practices and alternative therapeutic practices. Everything is clearer with energy reading.

Energy Coaching For Corporate Leaders
Live Online Course

Energy is the key that has been overlooked in business for decades. Recent research has shown that positive relational energy is what makes a great leader. Wi will show you how to become the leader you have always dreamt of being. And it’s so much easier than you think.

Energy Coaching With Couples
Live Online Course

A powerful method to support and heal couple relationships energetically. Develop your capacity to perceive and manage the energetic relationship between two beings. Be able to clearly assess a person’s energy, know where it is blocked and how this is affecting them and their relationships.

Become a fully certified and accredited energy reading practitioner with Infinite Being Academy!

The journey begins at Foundation level. This is the first, exciting step on your energy reading path.

Our foundation level energy reading course is open to anyone interested in energy reading.
We will teach you to see and feel the energy that is alive within and all around you.

The courses offer complete and detailed expert knowledge about the chakra system, energy reading, energy balancing and energy healing.

You will also gain access to the Infinite Being Academy community, where you will find amazing support along your energy reading journey.  And lifelong friendships are made.

Complete Energy Reading training consists of three separate and progressive courses: Foundation, Advanced and Clinical Practice.

‘Whatever you are doing you can apply energy reading to it to gain deeper understanding and better results. As a therapist or clinician. As a parent – of course. As a teacher. With animals. In business. Literally anything.’ –Yair Sagy

Other Courses

We are movement: bringing you new courses every season

‘When you listen from the heart, everything becomes vibrant and alive. It’s communication without words. An ocean of vibrant existence.’ –Yair Sagy

Teacher Training

A limited and exclusive full-lenght training program designed for graduate students who want to take their learnings to the next level.

This content is exclusive for students who have completed the Infinite Being Academy program.

Please get in touch with Yair for more information.